Major Soni Mission

Dr. Deepak Mittal

Managing Director, Sonalika Group

Social service cannot be a one-off activity in a person's or an organisation's itinerary of life. It has to be an integral part all through. It is so pertinent to see the youth of this country, young students like Akshita and Arnav, take a lead for social purpose to reach out to the underprivileged.

I have always believed that education is critical to everything in this world. Its lack is the root cause of all malaise including poverty. Major Soni Mission has innovated and implemented an excellent model for girl-child literacy and women empowerment. Sonalika feels proud to support their efforts and their cause.

Major Soni Mission

Maj. Gen. DN Khurana

AVSM (Retd.)

In my firm belief the Army motto 'Service Before Self' must extend to all genres. Creating wealth for oneself is good but we must always harbour a concern for the society. It was this aspect of Major Soni Mission that got my attention. The remarkably innovative approach of youngsters capped with great efforts moved me and I couldn't resist motivating them.

Having personally delved in the field of education too, I reckon the work undertaken by MSM for girl-child literacy will contribute its bit in building a prosperous and resilient India. I am sure they will continue the good work and scale greater heights in times to come and that more young people emulate them.


 Fiercely committed and intensely innovative, we have motivated thousands of girls to continue education. 

Literacy is the pre-eminent power to Transform lives. In it vests the panacea to all evils

- Arnav Soni

Empowered Women beget a Powerful World

Undeterred determination to seed entrepreneurship MSM has empowered women by creating avenues for gainful employment. 

Beyond just giving a fish, more than teaching how to fish, We undertake to innovate the whole model, a symbiotic way

- Akshita Soni